SEAlang Library Bradley 1873 Thai Dictionary
   Chuon Nath 1966 monolingual
   Maha Sila Viravongs 1960 monolingual
   Dan Beach Bradley 1873 monolingual
   Jones (pre-1850?) Thai-English
About the SEAlang Library Historical Dictionaries
The works presented here include both mono- and multilingual dictionaries.  As a rule, they are not only of historical significanace, but also -- as the result of spelling modernization -- of continuing relevance in providing reference for written works of the nineteeth and twentieth centuries.
    In order to encourage study of the dictionaries themselves, these pages provide several types of access to the texts.  The exact service provided depends on the text itself, but will generally allow access to the books as:
 -  as searchable electronic dictionaries,
 -  as searchable electronic texts (to allow reverse searches),
 -  as DjVu images of the original words, and
 -  when appropriate, as standalone corpora that support collocate analysis within the text.
In some cases, facilities are also provided to allow headword searches using modernized spelling. 
    Dictionary search facilities operate as they do elsewhere in the SEAlang Library.  In particular, this means that when possible (e.g. in Bradley 1873), subentries that contain a search word are located even if they were originally found undereath a different head (thus, /cay/ "heart" returns 266 compounds, rahetr than the 52 found under the head alone.
    In some cases, we can re-sort search items (or even the completee text) to follow modern rules of alphabetization.  This is intended to make browsing texts easier for the modern scholar. 
    Please contact the SEAlang Library if we can help prepare or extract texts in any other specialized fashion in support of research.