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The SEAlang Lab is supported 2006-2009 by the US Dep't of Education International Research and Studies program.  Dictionary-based audio samples are used with the generous permission of ThaiSoftware Enterprise, publisher of the So Sethabutr electronic dictionary.  Longer audio samples are derived from the Lotus Corpus (see Thai Speech Corpus for Thai Speech Recognition, Kasuriya et al), and are used with the permission of NECTEC.  Literary bitexts are used with the permission of Marcel Barang and the Wanakam World Classics in Thai project. Excerpts from Translate It texts are (c) Sunee Canyook / Bangkok Post, and are used by permission. Excerpts from Translating Newspaper Thai into English (Scribner Messenger, 2007) are used by permission of Dunwoody Press. Rated texts taken from LangNet, a project of the National Foreign Language Center.  Additional Thai materials are provided by the Thai Reader Project, University of Wisconsin-Madison (IRS 2006-2009).