SEAlang Library Maguindanao Dictionary

About the SEAlang Library Maguindanao Resources 
SEAlang's Maguindanao dictionary is based on a lexicon of roughly 8,600 words produced by the SAY Project (2006-2008, Computing Research Laboratory, New Mexico State University.  Director: Jim Cowie). 
    The SAY Project Maguindanao resources, which include dictionary, corpus, bitext corpus, and other tagged materials, were developed by a team headed by Dr. Jessie Grace Rubrico.  Dr. Rubrico consults on Philppine languages and linguistics, and in Cebuano and Southern Philippine languages (see 
    Other Maguindanao materials in the SEAlang Library were prepared by Dunwoody Press, and were edited by Jason Lobel.
Searches may:
-- include an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard that matches any number of characters; asterisks may appear in any position. 
-- require matches for both, or either, Maguindanao text (of the headword), or English text (in the definition).
-- be expanded to return the root form, or of all inflected forms that share the same root.
-- be limited to particular part-of-speech.
-- finally, the English search term can be expanded (default) to include inflected forms (a search for sing matches sings, singing, sang, sung as well).

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Maguindanao Dialogs and Drills is copyright 2009 McNeil Technologies, and are used by permission.