Maranao Bitext Corpus
About the SEAlang Library Maranao Bitext Corpus 
This bitext resource is based on three sources, discussed in more detail on the main dictionary page:
-- more than 4,000 translated example sentences from A Maranao Dictionary (McKaughan and Al-Macaraya, 1996, De La Salle University and the Summer Institute of Linguistics).
-- about 2,000 paired sentences from the texts and dialogs of Maranao Reader (2009, Jason Lobel), and Maranao Dialogs and Drills (2009, Almahdi G. Alonto, Abdullah B. Adam, and R. David Zorc, edited by Jason Lobel).
    A particularly useful feature of this interface is that specific translation pairs may be sought, or suppressed, using the Match controls on the left.  This helps locate subtler, less common word use in a natural context. 
Copyright notices
The database on which A Maranao Dictionary is based is copyright 1996 Howard McKaughan, and is used with his permission.
    Maranao Reader and Maranao Dialogs and Drills are copyright 2009 McNeil Technologies, and are used by permission.