SEAlang Library Maranao Dictionary

About the SEAlang Library Maranao Resources 
SEAlang's Maranao resources are based on three primary sources:
-- the database underlying A Maranao Dictionary by Howard McKaughan and Batua Al-Macaraya (1996, De La Salle University and the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Manila), using electronic files supplied by Prof. McKaughan. 
-- Maranao Reader (2009, Jason Lobel), used by permission of Dunwoody Press).
-- Maranao Dialogs and Drills (2009, Almahdi G. Alonto, Abdullah B. Adam, and R. David Zorc, edited by Jason Lobel), used by permission of Dunwoody Press).
Overall, more than 17,000 entries are derived from A Maranao Dictionary, while more than 1,000 terms, mostly very modern, are added by the Maranao Reader.
Searches may:
-- include an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard that matches any number of characters; asterisks may appear in any position. 
-- require matches for both, or either, Maranao text (of the headword), or English text (in the definition).
-- be expanded to return the root form, or of all inflected forms that share the same root.
-- be limited to particular part-of-speech.
-- finally, the English search term can be expanded (default) to include inflected forms (a search for sing matches sings, singing, sang, sung as well).

About the authors of A Maranao Dictionary
Howard P. McKaughan is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and formerly Dean of the Graduate Division and Director of the Pacific and Asian Linguistics Institute, University of Hawaii.  He holds an A.B. degree from UCLA, an M.Th. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell.  McKaughan is coauthor of a Chatino Dictionary, compiler of the Iranun Word List from Traditional Narratives, and has written scholarly books and articles related to languages in Mexico, the Philippines, New Guinea and Sabah, Malaysia.  From 1952 to 1961 he was in the Philippines intermittently, during which time he did field wok on the Maranao.
    Batua Al-Macaraya, a native speaker of Maranao and formerly a faculty member of Dansalan Junior College of Mindanao, was a Research Associate at the University of Hawaii.  He later became the Dean of the College of Education, Mindanao State University.  Al-Macaraya has done extensive dictionary work, and is the compiler (with his wife) of A Lexicon of Classical Literary Maranao Words and Phrases, published in the Philippines.
Copyright notices
The database on which A Maranao Dictionary is based is copyright 1996 Howard McKaughan, and is used with his permission.
    Maranao Reader and Maranao Dialogs and Drills are copyright 2009 McNeil Technologies, and are used by permission.