Project Collaborators
The Mon-Khmer Languages project welcomes collaboration in all forms.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute data to the project, or have proposals for improving it.  The collaborators listed below have joined in the project's initial NEH proposal.
Mark Alves, Montgomery College  Dr. Alves has published extensively on Vietic historical linguistics, focusing both on minority Mon-Khmer languages in Vietnam, and on Vietnamese-Chinese contact.  He is assisting the MKL project with the reconstructions and data provided by Ferlus (below).
Christian Bauer, Humboldt University, Berlin  Professor of Southeast Asian Philology, Prof. Bauer received his PhD in Mon-Khmer Studies from the University of London (SOAS, 1982), studying under H.L. Shorto.  Active in extending Unicode for Mon, Thai, and Khmer, and in developing XML database standards for SEA epigraphy, Prof. Bauer is the world's foremost expert on Monic languages and inscriptions.
Geoffrey Benjamin, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  Prof. Benjamin is the world's pre-eminent scholar of Aslian-branch languages; he is providing both published and unpublished data.
Doug Cooper, CRCL Inc.  Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Research in Computational Linguistics, Mr. Cooper is Director of the US Dep't of Education-funded SEAlang Library and SEAlang Lab projects. A member of the MKS Journal editorial board, and author of many computer science textbooks, he is an authority on computational linguistics issues in Southeast Asian languages.
Jerold A. Edmondson, UT Arlington  A leading authority on minority languages of Southeast Asia, with extensive fieldwork experience, Prof. Edmondson will provide data for the highly endangered Mang and Khang languages (Pakanic group) of Northern Vietnam.
Michel Ferlus, (emeritus, CNRS)  Formerly Director of Research for CNRS, and author of the most extensive and reliable reconstruction of proto-Vietic, Ferlus is providing data on scores of languages he collected in 30 years of active research, as well as his Vietic reconstructions.
Robert K. Headley  A pioneer in Mon-Khmer linguistics, Dr. Headley is now best known for his unique contributions to modern Khmer lexicography.  His Cambodian-English Dictionary (1977, 1997) is being integrated into the SEAlang Library, and will be accessible by the MKL project.
Philip Jenner (emeritus, University of Hawaii)  Former Editor of the Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, Prof. Jenner is the dean of Mon-Khmer scholarship in the U.S.  Author of many scholarly articles and books, Prof. Jenner has just completed his massive Dictionary of Pre-Angkorian/Angkorian Khmer.
Amelia McKenzie, Australian National Library  Holder of the Gordon Luce and George Coedes collections, the ANL is allowing unprecedented access to these unpublished (and mostly uncatalogued) papers, incorporating some 100 years of field research by two of Southeast Asia's best-known linguists.
Suwilai Premsrirat, Mahidol University  A foremost expert on Khmuic languages, Prof. Suwilai recently retired as head of Mahidol University's Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Develop-ment, and is providing the project with extensive data on the Khmuic and Pearic branches of Mon-Khmer.
Paul Sidwell is Director of Mon-Khmer Projects for CRCL.  A Visiting Fellow of Australian National University, Dr. Sidwell is managing editor of JSEALS, a board member of the Pacific Linguistics publishing house, and and editorial advisor to the MKS Journal.  Author of four books and many articles on the subject, Dr. Sidwell is a leading authority on Katuic and Bahnaric comparative linguistics.
Justin Watkins, SOAS, London  Director of the Wa Dictionary Project (funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council) Prof. Watkins is providing the project with Palaungic branch data.