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These resources are based on the Shan-English Dictionary by Sao Tern Moeng (1995, 367 pp., ISBN 0-931745-92-6).
   The dictionary is an updated version of Dr. J.N. Cushing's Shan-English Dictionary (1881, Rangoon).  The phonemic representation used in the book is based on pronunciation in the central part of the Shan State, the most widely understood variety.  Chinese Shan and Khamti Shan vocabulary has been largely omitted. 
   The Shan writing sytems was developed in 1958 by the Shan Literary Association in Taunggyi, Southern Shan State.  It is notable for making tone marking explicit.
Please note that this release is part of our final testing process.  Please excuse any remaining errors in labeling content, numbering homonyms, assigning compounds to heads, or conversion to Shan or IPA.
   Phonetic approximation is still not fully implemented. For now, Use ".*" (period asterisk) to match any sequence. Tone is optional, but a tone number 1 (for the unmarked tone) through 6 may be used.
   Try searching for "speak" (as text) or "paak2" or "paak" (as IPA).
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